Important Information about Intrauterine Device – Significance and Risks

0001262_cu-safe-t300-iud-intra-uterine-device_415Intra-uterine Contraceptive Devices which are also known as IUCDs, are a method of contraception normally utilized by women who, for medical reasons, are incapable to use hormonal contraception approaches for eg. Oral contraceptives, or in those who not inspired or favor not to use those methods.

IUCDs refer to small devices that are inserted by your physician direct into your uterus. The implantation is prevented by the device.

There are various sort of IUD that has been developed in the last few the years, the more common one are:

  • Multi-load Copper 250
  • Nova T
  • Lippes Loop
  • Copper T
  • Mirena Intrauterine System

The Mirena intrauterine method is a hormone saturated IUCD. It works locally by making the mucous of the cervix quite thicker, thus stopping the sperms from getting inside. It also turns the lining of the endometrium thinner, thereby stopping implantation.

Some Possible Complications

Women who are using IUCDs may face major side effects and possible complications. These are some which you should be aware of:

  • Higher menstrual bleeding: many women experience somewhat longer as well as heavier menstruation.
  • Hurting periods: menstrual pain is generally increased in the initial few cycles, and then consequently improves.
  • Intermenstrual spotting: you may possible find light spotting between periods which is common with IUCDs.
  • Pelvic infections: there is more possibility of pelvic infections, particularly in the first few months. Visit your doctor right away if you extend any signs of pelvic infection such as increased vaginal discharge, lower abdominal pain, jointly with a fever).
  • Pregnancy: as with all contraceptive approaches, there is a failure rate as well. If you find yourself pregnant even after IUCD, immediately contact your doctor and remove the device.
  • Ectopic pregnancy: There are chances of Ectopic pregnancy which is extremely risky for a woman.
  • Expulsion of the IUCD: it is yet another serious problem where IUCD get breaks inside the uterus.

Now, there is no need to keep in mind to take the birth control pill daily or to insert all sorts of devices or products in vagina before the sexual act.

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